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Tripura Telugu Movie review

Tripura-telugu-movie Review

Too Many Flaws Cannot Make A Good Movie

This week, the Telugu speaking audience have one movie catch, which include Tripura. The film is directed by Raj Kiran who is also the writer of the same, while it is produced by M Chinababu, Rajasekhar under the banner of Crazy Media. The film has the music from Kamran, while the cinematography comes from Ravikumar. The lead and supporting role for the film include Colors Swathi, Pooja, Sriman, Naveen Chandra, Sapthagiri, Rao Ramesh, Shakalaka Shankar, Dhanraj and Jayaprakash Reddy. Once again, the director has embarked with a horror comedy unlike the previous film called Geetanjali, which was a big hit. He has tried to embark with the same feat, with the film Tripura, however, how good or bad he is in this film as under and get the crux of the same:


There is a village belle called Tripura, who is known for having special powers wherein she can foresee a number of incidents in her dreams. Anything she often sees in her dream becomes a big reality. Owing to this, there are number of marriage alliances, which seem to get cancelled. She finally comes down to Hyderabad for her treatment for this issue at one of the hospitals and there she falls in love a young doctor which is played by Naveen Chandra. They then get married and after they settle down she realises that her husband had s friend called Isha played by Pooja who is missing. A police officer is seen investigating the same and has the needle of suspicion towards this young doctor. Amidst all, Swathi is again seen with a dream, which is very much appalling wherein she is seen stabbing her husband.

Script Analysis

The film can be called as lacklustre efforts of encasing over the current horror trends found along with humour. The director who had fortunes with his earlier horror comedy seemed failing this time with Tripura. The script is too mediocre with no content in the film though he tried his best to infuse the elements of horror and comedy neatly in his earlier film but has failed in this with poor plot despite trying hard with something unusual at the climax. Though the film has all the horror elements like drams coming to reality a haunted home and compelling mystery however, the script was too shabby to hold enough water. A combination of horror, comedy and suspense failed miserably making the film fall flat on the ground. Secondly, both the parts of the film were seen moving at snail’s pace, which disconnects the audience from the film giving too many loo breaks.

Star Performances

Swathi despite getting a shabby script was able to perform better over the silver screen in the lead role, though it was very much different than the bubbly role she did in her previous role. Despite seen bulge to fit into the character of a married woman, the film failed to deliver the moolah to the audience. Unlike Swathi, Naveen Chandra did an impressive role doing justice to the given character of a young doctor. The others including Rao Ramesh, Saptagiri, Shakala Shankar and Jaya Prakash Reddy too were seen okay giving some elements to the film.

Direction, Screenplay, Editing, Music and other Technical Elements

Raj Kiran is a good filmmaker, however, this time he is unfortunate another crackling horror comedy over the silver screen. For it was just the solo, which did better, while the next time, things didn’t really work. He has failed to impress with another horror comedy unlike the way he did in Geetanjali. Despite inculcating the suspense elements over the penultimate scenes, Tripura has failed to entertain the audience. Thanks to the bad screenplay and obsolete kind of narration. Also, the music was pathetic, while the songs are certainly not need for the movie. The background score remained unimpressive. The editing was bad and similar was the story for cinematography.

Last Word – Tripura

Tripura is an amalgamation of good performances, bad script, average script, low content and other lowly kind of technical elements including screenplay, music and cinematography. Too many flaws will never make any movie effective. Comedy failed to work, the snail pace movie really keeps people away from getting entertained. It seemed to be a waste of resources and talents, which therefore doesn’t really deserve a higher rating.

Rating – 2.5

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