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OMG!! Kapil Sharma Drunk and Heckled with Celebrities

Kapil Sharma Drunk!! Drunk!! Indeed what you read is something really shocking but you’ll have to agree on this that yes he drinks, but on the other hand some of you might be thinking, what’s a big deal in that? many of us used to get drunk and behave like anything isn’t? Hold on guys if you really think so then it’s time to brake the reality, check this out..as per the sources the one n only stand up comedian who’s always known for his crazy attitude cum comedy nature Kapil Sharma, who got drunk in a party over the limit and thus his mistake of getting drunk that to fully, turned into his biggest mistake ever.

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With reference to the true sources of a former British website it is said that Kapil was gone for a party wherein he got drunk and accidently lost his complete control on himself, the moment he lost his control the very next moment he started heckling the other renowned celebrities. I know this is something unbelievable but is indeed a bitter truth; he not only heckled with Monal Thakur but also with Tanisha Mukherjee and many more such celebrities who were setting beside him. But later on when his girlfriend Preeti Simoes accounted that he has lost his control, the very next moment she left the function just because she was embraced by his non sense behaviour. But later a day when he realised his mistake, he tweeted on twitter as – “I fall, I rise, I make mistakes, I live, I learn, I’ve been hurt but I am alive.i am human, I am not perfect but I am thankful” – As per the sources.

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