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Is Neha Kakkar Seperating from Hubby Rohanpreet? Check how the singer Addresses Rumors of Separation

Neha Kakkar, the popular singer, recently celebrated her 35th birthday, but her husband Rohanpreet’s absence from the pictures raised concerns among fans. Speculations about trouble in their relationship quickly spread, with rumors of a possible separation surfacing. However, Neha has put an end to these rumors by sharing affectionate photos of herself with Rohanpreet on her Instagram account.

Neha shared a series of pictures from their vacation, expressing that they had a wonderful time together. The photos depict the couple in a joyful mood, enjoying their time at an undisclosed exotic destination. Since being posted, the pictures have garnered around 905K likes on Instagram, with fans and followers flooding the comment section with love and well wishes. Check the post that is going viral at the moment:


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While some fans expressed relief and happiness after seeing the pictures, others remained skeptical. Some commented that they were initially shocked and believed the rumors of a separation, while others felt that Neha’s post was an attempt to dispel the rumors and that the photos might be from an earlier time. Despite the mixed reactions, the majority of comments conveyed support and good wishes for the couple.

Neha Kakkar’s response on social media indicates that all is well between her and Rohanpreet. By sharing these affectionate photos, she has reassured her fans and followers that their relationship is intact. It is important to note that celebrities often face speculations and rumors about their personal lives, and Neha’s response serves as a reminder that it is necessary to approach such rumors with caution. The couple has been married since past few years and have been enjoying their companies together. It is interesting to see how a simple thing made the rumours mill yell on them.

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