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Irrfan’s comment on fasting and qurbani invites controversy

Irrfan Khan on sacrifice and fasting in islam

The veteran B Town actor Irrfan Khan seems to be in trouble now for questioning about the practice of fasting and sacrifice in Islam. He was there in Jaipur to promote his upcoming movie Madaari in Jaipur when he was posed about the issue. He was seen talking about the spirit of Qurbani, which means sacrifice about the close thing to you rather than doing the same in the form of sheep or goat which people simply buy to do the same. He said, it is mandatory to share a bond with anything otherwise it would become another killing of an animal and thus fails the purpose of sacrifice, which he says that people have lost its relevance.

He said people simply follow things blindly without understanding the meaning and spirit of the same. He then talked about the practice of fasting in Islam wherein he said that instead of carrying out the fasting people should introspect themselves first and later said that how people have made a mockery of Muharram, which is meant to mourn and people have festivity in the form of processions all around.

The very same time the actor also criticized the Muslim community for not speaking against terrorism and asked them to question about the same to their politicians.  On the other side, Muslim clerics were seen slamming Irrfan and suggested him to focus on his career rather than getting involved in such issues. They alleged that the actor is doing the same for his own publicity and asked him to shut his mouth if he doesn’t known anything about Islam.

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