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An Interview by Prajakt Rebeloma Unveiling the Secrets of LastBenchers on Z ETC

prajakt interview

Spreading the waves of inspirations, a guy with a beautiful dream to make a movie “LastBenchers” in his heart turned into reality, Of course there always being toughest hurdles in our life which actually comes like a stone on the track in between your destination but, a person overcomes such hurdle with a smile is actually a true rider of his life, keeping this inspirational theme in his mind, ‘Prajakt Rebeloma’ slated some secretes along with Tanvi Lonkar(Actress), LIVE in Z ETC Channel on 26th August 2014

Q1: Interviewer To Prajakt : Is ‘LastBenchers’ a movie of College students?

Prajakt: The movie is all about a real life story of college students, taking my college itself like someone playing guitar, dirty hostels, wearing our roommate shirt for a party etc. A famous dialogue in the movie “Ek A4 Size Ki Degree Humari Auqat Nahi Nap Sakti” but that doesn’t mean I’m criticizing education, However, I just wanted to execute a message amongst the youngsters and fellow college students that ‘If you haven’t achieved anything in your college days, then it was not the END! There’s something special in your life which you can still achieve

But, overall it’s a totally different movie for sure, in fact everything is old that casting, the locales etc except my girlfriend (Tanvi).

Q2: Interviewer To Prajakt: How did you finalize her (Tanvi) as an actress in your movie?

Prajakt: My entire team is new and in fact you may called us, as a fresher in the field of Bollywood, but we decided (Prajakt and Sanket Galactus- A younger brother of Prajakt cum Cinematographer in the movie) that we have do the casting like each n everything in the movie should look like natural but there should be a beautiful girl in the movie for sure, then we decided to ask Rahul Sir(Executive Producer) who actually recommended Tanvi for the movie.

Q3: Interviewer to Tanvi: Which was your first film?

Tanvi: My first movie was ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in which I had played the role of ‘Latika’ when I was a kid, but a few years back, when Prajakt came and explained the entire scenario of ‘LastBenchers’ which I personally loved a lot and personally I was really excited to work with his team.

Q4: Interviewer to Tanvi: Was there any specific reason to choose the Bollywood industry as a profession?

Tanvi: Basically I was a dancer, and to be honest acting was not actually my aim, whenever the offer came to me I never regret it, instead I accept the offers, if those are decent ones.

Q5: Interviewer to Tanvi: After the remarkable movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was your popularity decreased or remained as it is?

Tanvi: As far as popularity is concerned then yes, my popularity decreased to some extent but whenever anyone gets to know that I was in the crew of ‘Slumdog Millanaire’ then surely each one of them feels like amazing when they meet me.

Q6: Interviewer to Tanvi: After ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ didn’t you got any offers as a child actor for any movie?

Tanvi: Yes, I surely got a chance for a Hollywood movie ‘Soul’ but honestly speaking I didn’t found the role as decent, but soon I got an opportunity for a movie ‘Hollywood’ but again I refused the offer.

Q7: Interviewer to Tanvi: Before signing this movie ‘LastBenchers’, did your parents decided or this was your own decision?

Tanvi: I personally take my decisions and if I find the casting or role as decent then straight away I ask my parents that I’m ready for the movie.

Q8: Interviewer to Prajakt: How did you thought off this story (LastBenchers)? Whether you got irritated when such rich & stunning colleges were showed?

Prajakt: I never got irritated with such movies but, on the other hand such movies inspired me a lot and basically the story is based on two events, firstly the movie is college based and secondly about 80% events in the entire movie is true, the main reason behind making the movie was, as my dad had created two Marathi movies like ‘31st December Raktavina Kranti’ and ‘Rela Re’ and during the making of these movies I was actually present on the set, though I was not having any kind of interest in the field and soon I was met with an accident due to which I was unable to walk for 2 months, then I decided why not write something instead of getting bored, then I started writing everything about my life and mean while requested my friends as well to write whatever happen in their life and finally we came into a script writing scenario, though my dream was to make an inspirational movie and we tried to make the movie’s ‘Behind the scenes’ inspirational movie as well, and that’s why I had decided that I’ll never hire a crew despite by dad suggested for that, and finally we made a team of 50 people in which me and Sanket were used to work sleepless nights doing research.

Q9: Interviewer to Prajakt: Is the movie ‘LastBenchers’ movie shooting done in Nagpur itself?

Prajakt: Yes, the movie’s shooting is mostly done in Nagpur itself, but some of the shooting is also done in Goa like ravan wadi, and some of the shoots are of Pune as well.

Q10: Interviewer to Prajakt: As you said that you had created some tripod, some dubbing studios so, with this surely your budget was gone under controlled?

Prajakt: No, surly not. I always make sure that each one of us in the crew must experience, How the movie is made, and how the casting is done etc. That’s why we bought 12 cameras and seen some actual results in Nagpur itself.

Q11: Interviewer to Tanvi: Do you was the only actress in the movie who was having an experience of acting in the film industry?

Tanvi: May be, but I’m not sure for the same.

Q11: Interviewer to Tanvi: How many days have you done the shooting in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’?

Tanvi: Max to max 15 days, also in which 2-3 days were cut, so from that I can say that yes I was having an experience of shooting but, can’t say anything regarding about acting, as still I’m not any big actress yet but, I just keep learning with my experience. However, I had also learnt some sort of acting even from Prajakt as well as from the other crew members

Q12: Interviewer to Tanvi: If we compare the Hollywood movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘LastBenchers’ what were the similarities and differences?

Tanvi: Of course, there are lots of differences though it was a Hollywood movie in fact, the crew was very big, professional, but here everyone was new and even I was new to the crew. But the main similarity what I felt was the hardworking capability in both.

Q13: Interviewer to Prajakt: How much money did the movie costs and who financed the movie ‘LastBenchers’?

Prajakt: The entire movie was financed by my dad Er. Moreshwar Meshram and the production cost has gone to nearly 1 to 1.5 but not exactly as I had yet to calculate the entire budget, and marketing it goes to 2.5 and overall the budget goes to 3.5 to 4.

Q14: Interviewer to Prajakt: How much time and hurdles came in order to release the movie?

Prajakt: Since starting I had decided that whatever and wherever it takes, whether the movies takes 1 year, 2 year or 3 years I surely and definitely release the movie. But at the cost of my personal satisfaction

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets for the movie which is going to be released on 29th of August 2014 Now!!

Check out the Interview of Prajakt Rebeloma : 

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