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The Birthday plans of Aamir Khan for his Wife Kiran Rao leaks out

The Birthday plans of Aamir Khan for his Wife Kiran Rao

Though the birthday of Kiran Rao, the second wife of Aamir Khan seems to be far off, yet the plan on her birthday by his Perfectionist Husband seems to be leaking out. It is still two and half months to see the date 7th November, yet this plans for her wife’s birthday seems to be out in the media. Though Aamir is a busy man who seems too often tied up with his film production and other schedules, yet he finds time for his loved ones especially her wife Kiran Rao, who is very much special to him.

Aamir is often seen taking off some time for his wife, whether taking a break from busy shooting schedule to staying away from the books he likes to read when remaining at home. This coming Birthday of her wife, would be likely to be celebrated in Tokoyo as Aamir is invited there for the film festival wherein his last movie Dhoom 3 would be screened. As Japan has been in the wish list of Kiran Rao, Aamir would be very much glad to carry her at this place. Once he gets free from the screening, he would certainly going to have quality time with his wife on her special day.

Last year Aamir was seen taking Kiran to a place in North East to spend time and explore the new place together. Now, this year, he has a place, which has been always in the wish list of Kiran Rao. As per the sources close to Aamir, he and his wife would spend good time there celebrating Kiran’s Birthday. The sources also confirmed that once he is back from Tokyo, he will focus his time and energy in his forthcoming movie’s promotion.

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