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How Supermodel Solveiga Mykolaityte is Inspiring aspiring Models with Her Experiences

Solveiga Mykolaityte
Solveiga Mykolaityte

Modeling is not as easy as people think. Today we are going to talk about the Lithuanian supermodel Solveiga Mykolaityte.

Solveiga Mykolaityte is a successful supermodel hailing from Lithuania. The journey to being a supermodel was never that easy for this small-town girl. Belonging from a small town of Lithuania, it’s never been easy to pursue a career in modeling.

She had struggled with a lot of things because she began her real modeling career much later than they are used to in the model world because of her studies. But this girl had competed with all the odds and established her name as one of the most prominent supermodels from Lithuania. She did modeling across the world and has a successful ongoing career both online and offline. Solveiga Mykolaityte has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, FHM, Grazia, L’officiel in the past. Currently, she is working with NYC.

She was 15 when she gave her first auditions, but she was rejected because of her overly athletic figure. When she was 19, she decided to make her first professional photo session, but she was very unsure about pursuing up modeling as her full-time career, till this point of time in her life. But her journey of becoming a supermodel was not easy at one point of time she was running from one audition to the other, with a map on her hands. But with her strong desire and her willingness, she beats all the odds and made up her mind for the first trip to Milan, to begin the journey.

After that, she moved to NYC and there was no looking back, because of her dedication and hard work she had gained momentum in her career and came up as a very successful supermodel of the new age.

Her journey is so inspiring, becoming one of the most successful supermodels, to the young generation, nothing can be achieved without hardships and sacrifice.

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