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Digital Marketer Sandeep Gangola believes that success is bound to come if you turn your passion into profession

Sandeep gangola

Young digital marketer and blogger Sandeep Gangola is rising on steps of success with every passing day. Here he shares what makes him independent and successful at a young age of 21.

Tell us how you became successful as digital marketer even after not being based in metro city?

Well social media is not limited to metro cities or big town anymore, it is everywhere and individuals or organizations from smaller towns also becoming quite aware of its importance in growing their base. I ventured into digital media profession when I was quite young. While in 8th standard I set up my own gaming website, which was very popular among kids and young guys. Due to technical glitch I had to bring it down, but it’s success gave me motivation to do more, so I started learning about digital media and marketing at home through web and online courses. That made me prficient in digital marketing tools. People started  approaching me due to my good knowledge and understanding and slowly I reached to good position. 

You were an average student during school, how do you look at this?

Well most of us related education to schooling, but present schooling system does not accommodate many new areas of learning. If someone is not good in subjects that age old schooling system offers, it doesn’t mean he or she is not good learner or can not be successful. We have innumerous examples of successful people who were not good in studies.

What are the factors that makes you successful?

I totally love what I do. I am totally engrossed in it and ready to learn everyday. I am consistent in providing good services and content to my clients. And above all this I believe that practical knowledge and it’s implementation is much more important than theory. So If you are passionate about something learn everyday and implement it in best possible way. Nobody can stop you from being successful.

What is your aim?

I want to launch my own digital marketing firm soon and take it to the heights where it is counted as one of the best and trusted digital marketing agencies in coming 5 years.



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