Success should not be associated with age, says young Digital Entrepreneur Kartik Dhami

Kartik dhami

This generation belongs to people who are young and successful. They are extremely focused towards what they want to achieve in life. Here young entrepreneur Kartik Dhami shares what keeps him motivated to be successful at such a young age.

You are just 19 years of age and have your own fastly growing business, what motivates you to be so serious and focused towards your business?

I am extremely passionate about what I do, i.e. Digital marketing, To be able to add value to others life and helping them reach where they want to through your profession. This is the reason I am really focused on what I am doing

Tell us how you started IT Fames?

I actually stepped into digital media when I was in 8th standard. When I setup my first Facebook page and it got 1lac plus likes in an year, people started approaching me to promote their website. This really excited me to do more in this field so I created a website and posted viral content on it, website too became popular. Then I started learning seriously about digital marketing along with my studies. After school I joined Diploma in computer science but digital marketing was where my attention always remained. So I convinced my parents that I want to start Digital marketing business, and that’s how IT Fames was launched.

What is the reason behind your success?

I think my clients and their complete trust on my services. I really work hard and consistently, as on digital media you need to work really consistently and have to have unique and authentic content that speaks to your customer base. That’s what I try to do for my clients, that they get maximum and effective reach to their viewers. If your services are great nobody can stop you from being successful.

What is your vision for IT Fames?

I am working towards making it counted amongst top digital marketing agencies of India. Me and my team are focusing more on learning new technologies whenever they arrive and be updated about all recent developments in the field.

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