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How Celina Jaitley reacts to trolls & Talks about transgender

Celina Jaitley, a renowned Bollywood actress and LGBTQIA+ activist, has recently reacted to trolls who made insensitive comments about the transgender community. In a recent interview, she shared her disappointment with people who only remember the transgender community when they see them begging at traffic signals.

Jaitley, who has been actively involved in advocating for transgender rights and promoting their inclusion in society, expressed her frustration with the lack of understanding and empathy towards this marginalized community. She highlighted how the transgender community faces discrimination and harassment on a daily basis and how people often overlook their struggles.

Check her tweets she did on the microblogging site:

The actress went on to explain how people need to understand the struggles of the transgender community and not just stereotype them as beggars. She emphasized that this community has a lot to offer and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Jaitley’s comments come at a time when the transgender community in India is fighting for their rights and recognition. Despite the landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2014 recognizing transgender people as a third gender, they continue to face discrimination and marginalization in various aspects of life.

Jaitly’s comments have been well received by many in the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond. Her message is an important reminder that we need to be more compassionate and understanding towards the struggles of the transgender community.

Ziya Khan


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