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Rina Dhaka, Ruma devi and Ankush Anami (CEO World Designing Forum) is holding hands for National Fashion Designer Awards (NFDA) 2023

In a collaborative effort to promote and preserve traditional Indian handmade fabric and artisans, renowned fashion figures Rina Dhaka, Ruma Devi, and Ankush Anami (CEO of World Designing Forum) are joining hands to organize the National Fashion Designer Awards (NFDA) 2023.

This ceremony of awards, set to take place on July 1st, 2023, will be held in conjunction with the World Designer Conclave in Goa, which will bring together 200 fashion designers from across India to exchange ideas and showcase their talents.

The NFDA 2023 is an initiative aimed at highlighting the importance of supporting local artisans and traditional crafts, which are an essential part of India’s rich cultural heritage. With this event, Dhaka, Devi, and Anami hope to bring attention to the value of preserving these crafts for future generations.

Rina Dhaka, a well-respected figure in the Indian fashion industry, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating that “the NFDA 2023 is a crucial platform to recognize the efforts of our artisans and promote the use of handmade fabrics in the fashion industry. We hope to encourage more designers to incorporate traditional Indian crafts into their work.”

Ruma Devi, a social activist and the founder of Gramin Vikas Chetna Sansthan, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of supporting local artisans and preserving their skills. “We must recognize and appreciate the hard work of our artisans and provide them with opportunities to showcase their skills. The NFDA 2023 is a step in the right direction to promote the use of traditional Indian handicrafts in the fashion industry.”

Ankush Anami, CEO of World Designing Forum, added that “we are proud to support the NFDA 2023 and work alongside Rina Dhaka and Ruma Devi to promote Indian handmade fabrics and artisans. This event is an excellent opportunity for designers to showcase their talents and raise awareness about the importance of preserving India’s rich cultural heritage.”

With the collaboration of these influential fashion figures, the National Fashion Designer Awards 2023 promises to be an exciting event that will shine a light on the importance of supporting India’s traditional crafts and artisans.

Manoj L


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