‘Healthy is Happy’ says Harsh Bachani founder of Fit Food Company


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There is a popular proverb about the importance of good health that is ‘Health is Wealth’. People now are becoming increasingly conscious about being in good shape and health. Everyone wants to stay in shape and good health. And we know that the food that we take in an extremely important part of keeping us healthy. Fitness freaks are becoming more vigilant about their diet than ever, may be this is the reason Heathy food and health food supplement market is growing at very fast pace. Fit Good Company is one such startup founded by Mr.Harsh Bachani which takes care of requirements of healthy diet of fitness conscious people.

Harsh Bachani founder of Fit Food Company, himself is a young man for whom fitness is the most important part of life. He is a total fitness maniac who believes that if you are fit inside out chances of you being happy are cent percent. Harsh Bachani has an extremely attractive and fit personality which can challenge any of fittest movie star or sportsperson. He shares the secret behind his fitness and says “ Your determination to stay fit must overpower any excuse of not working out or not eating healthy, people give lots of excuses like busy lifestyle, time management, distance from gym etc to not workout or not eating healthy, but at the end of the day we have to understand that our body is our house, if we can’t be happy if the house is in mess.”

Harsh Bachani’s startup Fit Good Company is a best healthy meal prep company which prepares healthy customized diets for it’s customers. People who are fitness conscious and are strict to their diet plans can avail the services of it’s company which caters need based diet be it protein rich diet, gluten free diet , ketogenic diet , you name it and the Fit Food Company is ready to serve you that. Harsh Bachani himself follows strict diet plans religiously to stay fit and healthy.

Apart from Fit food company He is founder of 2 more ventures which are Alpha electro hub and Café 333 (a chain of Café) which provides a wide range of delicacies to it’s customers. We must say that this young Entrepreneur is out to achieve a lot with the kind of vision and understanding of markets he has.

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