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Shiv Khanna’s honest interview about his work and his brainchild Khanna Casting & Films


Healthy is Happy

Shiv Khanna is not a new name when it comes to Ad-world and entertainment industry. This man is a familiar face in TV commercials of many big brands. He is also a casting director and has been assistant creative director of blockbuster movies Dangal, Veer Di Wedding and Half Girlfriend along with all this He is also Founder of Khanna Casting and Films. We had an uninhibited chat with this multi talented young Entrepreneur.
You are an actor, model, casting director and an entrepreneur all, what do you have to say about having such a wide portfolio at such a young age?

Well I think I am extremely creative and an excellent learner, I catch and learn things very quickly and execute them with perfection. So while acting in TV commercials I learnt the nuances of many things that happened behind the camera, that’s how I learnt the requirements of being a casting director and creative director.

You started Khanna Casting & Films at just an age of 21, isn’t it too much pressure doing so many things?
Well I don’t take it as pressure, rather it’s an opportunity. Where I am not only working for myself but building a community and taking along many more talented people. Helping them to find the right direction to get into the entertainment industry, which has always been blamed for nepotism. In Khanna Casting and Films we train budding actors through various workshops and also help talented people to find the opportunity even if they are not trained actors.
Khanna Casting & Films also does ad production, tell us about it Yes, we produce ads, showreels and Corporate videos and also provide complete digital marketing solutions to organizations varied from big business houses, big brands and also to startups.

You are just 25 years of age ,doing so many things at a time ,how do you find time for yourself and your personal life?
I would not say its easy, but if you prioritize things properly and plan well then only possible. I am a planned and organized person from very beginning, so I channelize things in way that I can balance my work and personal life. And moreover we get only one life to live so it is upto us whether we want it to be ordinary one or do something extra ordinary.

Most exciting moment of your career so far?
Well it is not one moment or a day or anything specific, the whole journey itself is exciting, if you do what you Love each day is a day of excitement but yes I think I was particularly happy when we formally started Khanna Casting & Films.


What do you do in your free time?

I read books, hang out with friends or if I get 2-3 days I travel to unexplored places with few of friends, it is just like anyone else.

What keeps you focused and going?

It’s a feeling that every day should be a day worth lived, that whatever I do should bring happiness to me and to others.

Well we must say that this level of maturity at such a young age is the reason behind success of this young man,as success is not a giant leap it is continuous realization of  all those small steps

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