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‘Health is Wealth’ is the mantra of these Bollywood movies!


All of us know that physical fitness plays an utmost important role in a person’s life as it’s the key of his success. To achieve your goal in the life, one needs to be physically fit along with mental toughness as determination and motivation are also equally crucial part of one’s well-being. At some point of time in the life, one begins to lose motivation but the success mantra is this is the accurate time to get inspired and fight for what you want from life.

Bollywood movies have a great impact on one’s life as apart from entertainment, they either encourage or discourage an individual depending upon their content. These 5 Bollywood films give success formula with their inspiring content. Check them out!

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag :

bhaag milkha bhaag Movie
bhaag milkha bhaag Movie

“Koyla kaala hai, Chattano ne paala hai, Andar kaala baahar kaala, Par sachha hai saala’ is what this film says. This motivational saga of a sprinter Milkha Singh inspires us to believe records are meant to be broken and nothing is impossible if you really want to achieve something. The lead actor Farhan Akhtar is seen running with a tier tied to him in a scene from this flick. With such a scene, one feels like to run for overall wellness. Be determined and be inspired is what this biopic taught us.

Dangal : 


This masterpiece biopic of Haryana’s great wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat gives training to his daughters Geeta and Babita in the sport of wrestling. Phogat believes his daughters are equally powerful as men and with his daughter’s victory as the Gold medallist in this sport, he shows that wrestling is no longer a male dominated sport.

Everyone has power hidden inside and determination makes one to achieve the goal, is the message of this flick. The film ‘Dangal’ also imparts message that our parents are our greatest support system and sacrificing our pleasures today for our desired goal will bring a brighter tomorrow for us.

Mary Kom :

Mary Kom First day Box Office CollectionThis biopic of the fighter Mary Kom narrates how woman, who is a mother of two children, takes hard training in boxing, becomes a professional boxer and makes the nation proud with her achievement in the sport at the global level. If your will is strong, nothing can stop you is the message of this film and it inspires one to be physically fit.

Sultan : 

SultanLove, insult and sadness in life can make a person work for the desired goal, shows this film. The adverse times in our life make us realise our potential and then a person starts knowing his or her real strength. The dialogue from the film that inspires is “Achhe pehelwan ki pehchaan akhade me nahi, zindagi me hoti hai, Taaki jab zindagi tumhe patke to tum phir khade hou aur aida dav maro ki zindagi chit ho jaye”.


brothers box officeThis movie will definitely make one go to the gym and get inspired physically and mentally. Two brothers take hercules training in boxing. When the world sleeps, the champions are in process teaches the flick along with the other lesson as success is not an overnight thing and requires tough mental and physical efforts on one’s part.

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