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Bollywood Park in Dubai allures all with its 5 prime attractions!

Bollywood Park Dubai
Bollywood Park Dubai

The freshly opened Bollywood Park in Dubai is alluring everyone with its filmy attractions and many more. Here are 5 prime attractions of this stunning park that grabs attentions.


This shows a residential show at the park featuring live actors and dancers. Shiamak Davar has choreographed it and it’s loaded with dance, songs, filmy tales and colours. One remembers Dola-re sequence from the film ‘Devdas’ while watching this show. It takes place from Thursday to Saturday at 8 pm and costs Dh95, as per the report.bollywood park dubai Laggan Movie

The Lagaan: Thrill of Victory

A moving cricket ball can be felt in this 40-seater 4D rollercoaster simulator, Thrill of Victory ride. One can enjoy the defeat of the British in the game of Cricket and it’s a live experience. Kids can enjoy at a mini carnival zone here that has carousel, mini Ferris wheel and 3 mini carnival games for everyone.

Bollywood Park Dubai Krish
Bollywood Park Dubai Krish

One and Krrish

Bollywood Film Studios in this park offers 4D multisensory theatre experience to all where one can relish watching the encounter between G.One and Ra.One as well as a great virtual flying experience at Krrish Hero’s Flight. Indian popular landmarks are seen during this ride and Krrish wipes off the baddies.

Bollywood Park Zindigi Na milangi dobara
Bollywood Park Zindigi Na milangi dobara

Diving with Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

One can watch the behind the scene stuff from the film ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ that include sky dive, deep sea diving as well as run with the bulls and you can get your own action movie!

Food and refreshments

One can taste the royal Awadhi cuisine at the fine dining Mughal-E-Azam in the park. Along with the delicious food, the beautiful performances take one back in time. You can also binge on Indian street food at the Victoria Station. Here you can have experience of eating street food sitting in the train or you can enjoy the sight of the station while you eat it.


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