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HBD Leonardo DiCaprio: Titanic to Django Unchained, best movies by the actor that should be on your list of favorites


It’s incredible to think that Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the most celebrated performers of this generation, has only won one Academy Award. DiCaprio has devoted a significant chunk of his career to challenging how we see him, shifting from matinee idol to grim poet to tortured soul and back again before finding his niche as arguably the most intriguing and aspirational A-lister now in the spotlight in the last 10 years. 

With DiCaprio’s career, there is never a bad time to carefully review his filmography. Leonardo DiCaprio always gives it his all and never accepts a position for purely selfish financial gain, even when he doesn’t perform well in a movie. A performer’s judgments ultimately determine who he is as an actor, and few actors consistently make decisions that are as captivating as Leonardo DiCaprio.

Let’s look back at the American actor’s top 5 binge-worthy films as he turns 48 on November 11 as he celebrates his birthday.

1) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) 

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is what got casting directors to take notice of the actor. The title character (Johnny Depp) in the film is tasked with caring for his younger brother who has autism (DiCaprio).

It was the first time DiCaprio had ever taken center stage. The actor, who was only 19 years old, was the star of the film and performed better than the more experienced Depp at the time. One of the youngest actors to be nominated for an Academy Award, DiCaprio was even up for the Best Supporting Actor award.

2) The Revenant 

Although many people think DiCaprio should have won an Oscar for earlier parts, it took him years to ultimately receive it, and The Revenant was the movie that brought him his first (and, as of yet, only) Oscar. Although many people think Martin Scorsese won The Departed, it wasn’t a legacy win—what the Academy refers to when it deems someone merits an honor based on their entire career.

DiCaprio deservedly took home the trophy for the 2015 film. Hugh Glass had to endure some trying circumstances as he played a frontiersman. The actor reportedly climbed inside horse carcasses and consumed raw bison liver. Nothing was falsified.

3) Titanic 

 The film broke the record for the highest-grossing movie of all time, a title it held for 12 years, despite the fact that everyone in the industry thought it would be one of the worst box offices flops in history.

However, it almost seemed as if the actor and the movie were mutually exclusive. Being Hollywood’s sweetheart at the time, Titanic made Leonardo DiCaprio a star, and because of his portrayal of Jack, teens paid to watch the film numerous times. Astonishingly charming in Titanic, the actor’s chemistry with Kate Winslet helped to make the fictional romance in the disaster film plausible.

4) Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Despite the fact that stuntman Cliff Booth was portrayed by Brad Pitt, who received the Oscar for the role, Cliff wouldn’t be nearly as amusing without Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), and Rick wouldn’t be as fantastic with Cliff. The main theme of the fantastic coming-of-age film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is set in the swinging 1960s, is friendship.

Rick Dalton is Leonardo DiCaprio’s best role in a Tarantino-directed film, despite the fact that Django Unchained, in which DiCaprio stars, has a significantly higher rating on the movie’s social networking platform. The character has so many flaws, and he practically plays a supporting role in his own film.

5) Django Unchained

DiCaprio is so passionate about playing that he will accept a supporting part if he believes it is the ideal fit for him. Actors don’t do it very often because they don’t want to give up their leadership roles once they get them.

In Django Unchained, Calvin Candie (DiCaprio) doesn’t appear until well over an hour into the film, and he is also fatally wounded not long after. However, in the brief time he spends on screen, DiCaprio completely convincingly portrays a wicked slave master, satisfying fans’ desire for the actor to play more negative characters. He doesn’t play this kind of character often enough.

Shutter Island (2010)

Many people would have predicted the Shutter Island plot surprise from a mile away, especially if they had paid attention to every hint. Nevertheless, the journey leading up to that event is what made the movie so intriguing, regardless of how predictable the final sequence was.

While there, he discovers a variety of weird activities going on. This is one of the most intriguing of DiCaprio and Scorsese’s collaborations because the mystery thriller is outside of both of their comfort zones.


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