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The ‘Hatke’ role drifts in Bollywood

Hatke role in bollywood

The Bollywood movies seem to be unfolding in a new phase. Now, the icing over the cake seems to be the women who are seen prominent in the Hindi cinema. Well, the commercial viability of any movie is no more an exciting thing for veteran actors in B Town. They seem to be least interested about the box office figure. For them the real success of the movie comes with a good script and not judged on the yardstick of Box office collection. The actors particularly the females often want a Hatke roles in the movies especially the ones who are seen at the top. This is because for them the only movie, which seems to prosper and win the hearts of people, comes via a good movie.

The content that makes the difference

All that matters today for the ace actors is good films, hence you see certain off beats movies too that have been embarking time and again. Some mange to do well, while others fall flat, yet the kind of satisfaction and glee it gives to a skilled and ace actor in B Town seems to be incredible. For instance, if you take the movies like Kahani and Ek Tha Tiger, the only common thing you find in these two movies have is that they have a different story, which has given a different roles to the leading actors. Particularly, if you check Kahani, it has been an incredible movie wherein the Vidya Balan seems to have performed one of the best ways. If you dig deeper, the entire movie was shot in a very different ways, which most of the conventional movies do not follow. It was shot during the times of Durga Puja, which is one of the biggest events in Calcutta and West Bengal. It was made with the method of guerrilla techniques wherein the movies are shot unlike any documentary shooting on the real locations most of the time away from the studios. That makes the movie Kahani different from others and so was the performance of Vidya Balan who justified completely while playing this role. So, at the end of the day, what matters is the unique and different content of the movie and not the stereotype scripts, which fall flat on the grounds.

Feel the winds of change in B Town

Every time the audience catch the movies they want something unique and different or else they do not feel like going out and watching the movies. Fortunately, the Bollywood understands this temperament and zest of its audience and hence are embarking with something new and unique kind of movies, which was not seen and heard before. Though the year 2014 is the year of remakes, yet you can find movies like Highway, Ek Villain, Shadi Ke Side Effects hitting the theatres, which really keeps the ball rolling. Now the actors and filmmakers want to experiment on new styles of storytelling covering a wider range of subjects that are being explored and checked. These ideas work in B Town as such movie are made up with complete conviction, which eventually movie with a fire. Thus among the top brass actors, directors, film producers and filmmakers, you can sense a winds of change.

The temptation for ‘Hatke’ roles

The quest and thirst for getting ‘hatke’ or unique roles seems to be soaring up the Tinsel Town since quite often. Though generally speaking this trend may not sound that vital for the novices and newbie in Bollywood but the actors who have carved their niche as a stable actor, they seem to embark with different roles. Particularly, the female actors in B Town are seen with this quest and therefore seen even quenching this thirst by even playing the roles of mother character. The leading ladies leave no stone unturned to work hard to carve themselves to enter inside the said character. Hence when these gorgeous lass get their roles, they simply are seen checking the script hard checking all its checks and balances in order to find the right movie. One of the classic examples in B Town is of Vidya Balan who has been trying hard to find something different. Some of her movies, which made everyone stunned both in terms of performance and script include The Dirty Picture, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, No One Killed Jessica, Shadi Ke Side Effects and of course Kahani. Considering this urge found in the actors, we have directors and writers who embark with certain unique and unique scripts.

Wrapping up

Movies are the reflection of reality, which we often see now and then in our society. If you do not see films speaking the voice of audience and showcasing something abstract the gleam of Bollywood would soon go down. This is the reason, Bollywood is also known for having ace filmmakers who are known to produce unique and different movies and actors who lure to do something different.

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