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Bollywood Box office collections : Then and Now

bollywood box office

Bollywood has changed all these years. One of the interesting things you find is the 100 crore figure, which different filmmakers are seen talking and discussing. Every year you have hordes of movie that cross the 100 crore figure, with some doing it faster within a week, while others taking a bit longer to enter the club of 10 million. This is nothing but a recent phenomenon, which is one of the major distinctions of Bollywood movies then and now. If you find out the causes or reasons behind the surge in box office collection of recent movies and the previous ones of black and white age, or even the movies of 80’s and 90’s there are few, which strike us. These could be summed up in the form of four different reasons as discussed below:

The Inflated Ticket prices

Earlier the tickets were sold at throw away prices especially when you compare it with the ones you find at multiplexes. During the peak time (Fri-Sat and Sun), you are bound to pay more than 150 for the silver class category at the multiplexes, which is 10 times more than the cost witnessed three decades before. In fact, if you choose the premium multiplexes like Inox of PVR, you need to pay much higher than the local groups driving the figure nuts you find over the box office collection. The pricing seems to be inflated mostly during the weekends and also in the festive time.

The Growth of Multiplexes

Another factor that caused the inflation in terms of money collection for today’s movie is the growth of multiplex. The popularity of multiplexes is seen like a wild fire in the industry, which has completely changed the dynamics of the movie business. As per reports there are more than 1400 multiplex screen sprawled all across the nation, which generate up to 80 percent of the revenue from the total amount. As per FICCI-KPMG Reports, by 2015, the multiplex screens are likely to reach 1925. Despite the higher cost involved in these theatres, it has become the preferred choice for the audience of the current times.

Extended weeks and festive season

A majority of movies seen busting the hundred crore figure seems to exploit the extended weekends and festive seasons. This is the reason why you can find the major banners in B Town embarking with their movies during the Festive time and extended weekends. During these times, the cost goes double, which audience simply love to spend considering the mood of festive time. For instance, most of the movies of Salam Khan are released during Eid, which include Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Wanted and the upcoming Kick. Similarly, Aamir Khan is seen embarking with his movies during Christmas, while SRK has his dates blocked during Diwali. All these days really put an impact on collection, which was not the trend witnessed earlier during the Black and White Era.

The wider releases and digital prints

The other reason why the box office collections have soared is due the faster growth of technology. The digital technology has given high quality digital prints, which helped the producers to embark with wider releases. These save cost and has been faster in deliveries. For example if you compare the hits of 90’s like Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, it was released with 500 prints, while today’s movie of Salman – Ek Tha Tiger was seen with 3400 prints in India and more than 600 overseas. So the more the number of prints the more would be the releases, which end up giving higher amounts at Box office. This however, was not the case with earlier filmmakers as the cost of prints, transportation and other things were high hampering the collection at Box office.

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