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B.O.B.B song from Bobby Jasoos on the floor

B.O.B.B song

A looming movie “Bobby Jasoos” latest track “‘B.O.B.B” is on the floor to make you feel like anything. The track is composed of some fabulous vocals of “Neeraj Shridhar ,Chorus Singers, Deepti Rege, and Mayuri” with the lyrics of “Swanand Kirkire” featuring “Vidya Balan and Ali Fazal” as leading characters.

The track initializes with the a screaming girl that could surely make your shudder for a time being but once the track catches its flow then you’ll hardily find any kind of enjoyment or actions or emotions that could at least make you feel to listen the track nonetheless the track sounds quiet catchy with the vocals but still it feels like something missing in the track, whereas here “Vidya Balan” found to be a perfect reflection of a “Jasoos” in many characters like one of the stunning characters as a Astrologist followed by most commonly seen a Punjabin, post man, Peon, Beggar etc which may give the track a pull.

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