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Haider and Happy New Year (HNY) Box Office Predictions

Haider and  happy new year HNY

Now, the countdown begins for this Diwali vacation! In addition to this, I guess some of you might have started planning something different in this Diwali don’t you? Nonetheless, if we talk the Bollywood industry then, even if they are not even prepared for the gifts and parties but some of celebs must be excited cum curious about their upcoming movie, Yes you guess it right I’m depicting about the looming movies of the year ‘Happy New Year and one of the most awaited movies of all ‘Haider which will be in the air i.e. on 24th and 2nd of Oct 2014 respectively.

People might be very excited for this Diwali season and vacations but the makers of both the movies will be surely daunting on peaks. However, the movies are actually on the opposite ends but if we think out something differently then these two movies box office collection may clash with each other, as if both the movies are actually trending like a shinny star in Bollywood industry starting from promos till the social media. So, let’s talk about the collection impressing the audience with his stunning moves and promos ‘Shahid Kapoor’s’ Haider seems to rock the first day of its release and may break the record by crossing 5 Crores and if this continues then the figure may blush with 15 Crores till the end of its weekend. And if we talk about the overseas collection then it may give a shocks to the fans of Shahid by collecting only 50 Crores till it is out from the theaters.. I guess you might be thinking off why I’m depicting such a low collection don’t you? The big reason behind this scenes is the release of the sensational movies of all, a movie still in the mouths of audience, yes I’m talking about ‘Happy New Year’ that seems to break the records, on the day of its release it can definitely cross 10 Crores, hold on if the movie really impress the audience then for sure it can cross 40 Crores till the end of weekend and last but not the least, if we talk about the overseas collection then surprisingly the movie can even cross 100 Crores.

Of course, these figures are just predictions that can even go wrong and we can even get to see some dashing and overwhelming response but truly, the figures are as per the trending promos and trailers. Let’s see which movie can overtake the other..

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  1. 1st day 10 crores and 40crores weekend ?? are You talking about HNY or some south remake ?? Or may be You are talking about the weekend overseas collection…
    after CE, HNY will be 2nd bollywood movie to cross 100 crores in 3 days weekend …

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