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Bang Bang Actor – Hrithik plans to direct movie in the future

hrithik-roshan to be a director soon

As the stylish actor – Hrithik Roshan is waiting to see his movie hitting theatres and doing waves over the Box Office, he unveils his plan for the future as well. Though he is busy right now promoting and marketing his movie Bang Bang, he also at times talk about his desire to direct a movie somewhere in the future. According to the actor, he would be waiting for the right time to accomplish this tough job in B Town. Though he is happy and satisfied with his acting with some of the best movies, however, with the passage of time, he would like to enter into direction.

The Bang Bang actor though have not clearly mentioned about this venture, but has staid categorically that he would like to work till his last breath in various ways including directing the movie. He calls filmmaking venture to be a lengthy and complex task, wherein you need a number of skills including the leadership skills as well since the director happens to play the role of a company director or CEO unlike what he finds in his father. He is always fascinated by his father and would someday like to be a director like his father. Since Hrithik loves challenging tasks, hence opting for direction would be his choice some day.

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