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Haider First week Box office Collection

Though in terms of box office collection Haider seems to be lagging behind the other release Bang Bang, yet the overall figure at domestic and overseas box office collection is reported to be decent. Haider has been steady in terms of collection, with starting 7 crore at day and the total figure at the end of its first week has reached to around 39 crores. Moreover, if we add this figure with the overseas collection, you can find the figure reaching beyond 50. Having released in around 1200 screens in India and abroad, the collection went decent.

Comparing the two releases of last week, Haider is a low budget movie as compared to Bang Bang, hence even though it helps in garnering less collection can get higher return on investment. This, however, will not be the case with Bang Bang as it happens to be a high budget movie. Hence if we compare in this manner, you simply end making Haider to be better than Bang Bang. The collection of Haider both during the holidays and weekdays seemed consistent. This is obviously, due to the fact that it is a niche audience based movie, which will always have decent people to watch it.

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