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Alia Bhatt is among the most searched celebrity over the web

Alia Bhatt the most searched celebrity

Alia Bhatt who remains the talk of the town for not knowing the Indian Prime Minister and then not updating her knowledge about the current Maharashtra political scenario, seems to have reached out to a new zenith. Well, yes, with so much buzz about her name, she has turned out to be the number one searched celebrity over the internet. Believe it or not, but this survey is conducted by none other than a group, which is more known for providing tangible security solution for computers and similar devices- McAfee.

Well, yes the same antivirus company, which is known to secure you from getting accessed to cyber criminals and crooks has carried out a survey disclosing the higher rank of Alia Bhatt. This survey was the part of Intel Security, which dealt with finding out the trends active over the search engines about celebrities. They checked the way people tried different keywords like videos, wallpapers, hot pics, free download, internet memes and selfie simply to find out the malware laden websites.

So basically, it was not survey but a research project, which was carried out to nab the sites or cyber crooks who use these keywords to lure people towards their website and then squeeze the classified stuff of the users. The same research later turned out to be in a survey format displaying the pitfalls found in the trend. While studying the same with different methodologies, celebrities and surveys, the company ended up enlisting the top searched celebrities on the web, which releaved the name of Alia Bhatt at the top followed by Aamir Khan and Priyanka Chopra.

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