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Funda to be fit, strong and healthy by Siddhart Sipani

Siddhart Sipani

Are you tired of putting in the effort at the gym and not seeing results? Many people show the drive, determination, and consistent effort, but don’t reach their goals. If this sounds familiar, the next logical step is usually to find an educated personal trainer with proven experience. But, if you’re not ready to take that step, or if you’d prefer to go it alone, rest assured, we spoke to Siddhart Sipani one of the good looking and well build model turned actor with airlines who gave us insightful tips and strategies specifically designed to help you build strength, gain muscle mass, lose fat, enhance your endurance and maintain healthy eating habits.

When we ask about the funda behind his body, model turned actor Siddhart shares, “My first love is Gyming and in morning I do cardio and evening time is for weight lifting with clean diet which is very important workouts are one of the best ways to turn yourself heathy and fit, and incrse your energy levels. It also does the same for your brain.”

To have a perfect body here the vej boy siddhart shares his diets, “I belive Without good diet nothing is possible to keep yourself fit and fine you should eat only healthly food. I am a pure vegetarian you can say all time animal lover as we need lots of protein for building a good muscles it take lil bit more time as compare to non vegetrains but I have got six pack abs by taking clean and pure vegetrain food with good protien my diet plan is like my diet in morning includes multi grain bread, mix vegetable, low fat milk with protien unch- Brown rice / Red rice /or two chapaties with high protien vegetables and some times salad and lots of fruits. My Dinner includes lots of salad, vegetables, protien, tufu ,shake and different soups.”

“I like firefox cycle and I do cycling almost 5 km from gym to home  it keeps me active, improves my stamina, and makes my body lean. cycling  is an aerobic actity, which means that your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. We breathe deeper, perspire and expience increased body tempature, which improves our overall fitness level.” Actor Sipani concludes.

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