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Filmy Friday : From Shershaah to Rockstar, Four films where we all wished for a different ending

Filmy Friday From Shershaah to Rockstar
Filmy Friday From Shershaah to Rockstar

Indian Cinema has given us some outstanding love stories! Stories that will make you fall in love with love itself. Stories that will make you believe that you can have your forever too, but in the middle of this there are still some stories where there was a pang of inbuilt guilt that this story could have ended differently.

So, today, let me take you on a journey of films that touched my heart with everything they had to offer, but I secretly wished for a different ending to all of them. Keep reading!


Shershaah: When we look at the life of Vikram Batra he has given it all to this nation. He was a hero even before he joined the Indian Army. from living by his words “Ek Fauji Ke Rutbe Se Bada Koi Aur Rutba Nahi Hota … Vardi Ki Shaan Se Badi Koi Aur Shaan Nahi Hoti … Aur Apne Desh Se Bada Koi Dharam Nahi Hota.” to promising dimple by saying “ Badi shikayat se na tenu…abh 40 din nahi 40 saal sathme beetayenge” Nothing is more heartbreaking than a feeling of not meeting your lover for one last time. All those unsaid conversations and promises are now just thoughts that will stay with you forever. We saw the pain in everyone’s eyes but the moment dimple gets down the car, heading over his last rites all confused just to catch his one last glimpse, where it just gets impossible to accept that he is no more. Honestly, at the end of the film, I felt proud and shattered at the same time because we all wanted it to end differently for dimple.

shiddat trailer

Shiddat: If I can define love it would be the purity of dedication and loyalty for sustainability, which is what this movie is all about. Radhika is as practical as we as a generation are when it comes to love. But on the other hand, Jaggi is a dream boy one secretly wishes for. The love he has is something we think is extinct just like dinosaurs! In the middle of the movie, there is a constant thought that Sunny Kaushal is overdoing things, but isn’t that what love is. “Kya hota hai yeh pyar … kaise nibhate hai isse … kuch log apne pyar ko paane ke liye duniya ke sabse lambe raste par nikal padte hai … kuch log pyar mein poori duniya se ladh padte hai … har kisi ka apna apna tareeka hai, apni apni kahani hai … sirf ek common factor hai … shiddat”.Taking that extra effort for the person you love.
But….when finally things seem to work out, when there is a happy ending at the end of the tunnel losing Jaggi feels like a personal loss.


Devdas: Devdas is undoubtedly one of the best romances of Hindi cinema. Beautifully retold, dramatically crafted, and incredibly performed Ishh! The roller coaster of emotions in a relationship be it insecurity, jealousy, egoism is just amazingly raw and perfect.
In this roller coaster, the only constant thing was the love Dev and Paaro had for each other. “Baat Hoti Thi Tab Tum Bahut Yaad Aati Thi … (Kab) … Jab Jab Main Saans Leta Tha Tab Tab”.
He kept his promise of loving her to his last breath. Devdas will always be about Dev and Paro but only if it could have ended differently.

Rock Star

Rock Star: Rockstar deserves to be called a masterpiece. The movie takes you on an unbelievable journey, full of beauty, pain, sorrow, love, passion, and heartbreak. It perfectly shows how the things we want the most in this life won’t actually make us happy, how strange falling in love is and how it changes a soul, how money and fame can’t turn off the fire burning inside.
The transformation of a struggling Delhi guy “Janardan” becoming International fame “Jordan” hits you the hardest, straight at the core of your heart! It is a terrific roller coaster of a variety of unexplainable emotions which is bound to make even a rock cry, a wonderful and exceptional tale of love and tragedy sealed with vehemence, intensity, overwhelming passion, and desire. It proves why Love is a universe in itself!

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