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SRK Starrer Devdas to return in 3D

srk tweeting about Devdas film

Come 12th of July and Devdas the film of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali will complete 15 years of production. The makers have their own plan to mark the date, as they intend to release the movie in 3D version. If you have caught the original film of SRK, Aish and Madhuri you could have remembered every frame of the movie with great perfection. The director at this juncture said while remembering about the film that he is keen to bring out the film again to the theatres with the 3D version keeping the right proportions and dimensions.

While speaking about the same, he said that much of his movie was originally shot having a good depth in the frames. And that was the key reason why we find Devdas the right candidate for the 3D format. For the day, a massive kind of worldwide release is being planned by the makers of the movie in 3D format. If you believe the reports, there are loads to be done for the film in order to make the global reach of the movie extremely strong. All thanks to the Hollywood team attached to the said movie.

The director went on saying that their film would break all the previous records earning big for the world wide release including the ones made by film like Baahubali. Devdas was released in the year 2002 and had Shah Rukh Khan in the key role of Devdas Mukherjee while Aishwarya Rai Bachchan played Paro in it. The gorgeous and talented Madhuri Dixit was seen in the other key role in the movie.

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