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Drishyam 2 Box Office Report : The Ajay Devgn Thriller is still Unstoppable

It’s been more than 40 days since the release of the thriller movie – Drishyam 2 and it is still unstoppable on the roads of the Box Office. The film has managed to score crores every day, which seems to be a very good sign of a movie going for a big run, not just for the past few weeks but even for the coming ones too. If you look at the first Sunday of the New Year, it did collect around 1.16 Crores, which is not bad at all. 

The movie has been scoring well at the box office, getting crores since it hit the screens. No wonder it keeps on moving with a greater pace. However, from any point of time where we have seen some of the best films too in 2022 not performing that way like Drishyam 2 has performed since its release. The movie is likely to gain more and it will be a 240 Plus Cr, which seemed to be amazing all the time. After all, you can find the movie to exceed the expectations of everyone in the market and the total will go beyond 10% of addition that would be called as an icing or a cherry on a cake. 

The movie has been nicely accepted by the audience and it continues to bring in more people towards the film. Now, we can expect the film is expected to hit the OTT platform soon However, with the film still doing better at the box office, the sequel is likely to stay more on the single and multiplex screens before they plan to shift to OTT. During the weekdays, the movie is expected to bring in 40-40 lakhs while the weekends will have few crores at its kitty. Let’s wait and watch how things move but at the moment the picture seems rosy. 

Ziya Khan


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