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Omg: Uorfi Javed comes with a peculiar Declaration as She Lands In Yet Another Legal Trouble this New Year!

Uorfi Javed seemed to be grabbing all eyeballs ever since she was caught by Dubai Police. Thanks to her attempt to make videos with inappropriate clothing choices. However, she came up with a savage video where one can see her behind the bars. Now, we see the gorgeous actress in yet another episode of getting caught in a police complaint in the new year. We have seen the actress shaming with her unusual and nude kind of fashion choices. 

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We now see a couple of such celebs who have lashed out at the actress about her unusual fashion parade carried out on the floor. These include celebs like Farah Ali Khan, Chahatt Khanna, Chetan Bhagat and Sunil Pal who seemed to be maligned with the same. We now see the said politician has filed a police complaint against the actress, the latter is going to be in big trouble. 

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However, as the actress seemed to fall into yet another legal trouble, U Javed has made some stories wherein she has categorized herself with something unusual. She questioned the politician as to how much she earns for her living and that multiple people in their circles are charged with issues like harassing people. She continued talking in the same thread wherein she lashed out at the politician. She went on to say that unless she showcases her private parts, no one can send her to jail. She said she has been vocal against issues like trafficking in Mumbai and the bar dancer issues and brothels.

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