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Don’t you have a GF ?

Huh…so that’s the question which is quite often asked and I find it quite difficult to answer. I assume some of you must be thinking what’s the stupid reason??

The reason being I have never had any Girl Friend??

Partially yes, but why??

So actually when the first question is poised my mind automatically triggers a few more questions for increasing the complexity, instead of a plain and simple answer.

“Do not I deserve enough to have a true love, for whom I can do all those stupid acts that people in love generally do?? Can’t I have someone with whom I can share the feelings which is hard to express with family and friends?? Can’t I have a person whom I can love unconditionally?? And blah blah..”.

So for the “deserving” part the only answer I get is “NO”!!!

Saying that, reasons are many but words are few. It’s not that I have never got an opportunity or a person of my liking. I liked a few and to be honest enough I desired to be with her forever, but alas this mind got over my heart and poised a question again “Are you the right person for her???”. And never allowed me to approach her in that way and at times incoming calls were also required to be rejected… 😉

As the same answer of my questions remained the same “No.. 🙁 “, I am not perfect and I know my weaknesses better than her and for the very same reason why should I indulge her in a relationship which is not perfect for her. Sad part but had to go through.

Yeah..Yeah, I know that no one is perfect and neither am I, so what makes the difference, at least I like her, will love unconditionally and blah blah ..

But again one more question or a dilemma, the problem I encountered this time shaped my decisions….

“You may not feel the same for everyone around you but for the peoples whom you like; love and care about, you aspire to carve the best out of every thing for them”.

Hmmm..don’t know what to say, I can’t change myself just to fit perfectly into someone’s life because that changed person would not be me, and I will never be able to enjoy my life or simply I would not like kill myself just to fit in the bill but at the same I can’t compromise with the best of everything for my loved ones theory of mine.

So, till date my mind is getting over my little poor heart. But everything is not that bad about my mind winning over my heart, it has taught me a few lessons and provided me with a few much needed motivations too.. 😉

First prove yourself to be a good son and a brother to be felt proud about and after reaching these goals start for the next one afresh.. 🙂

So finally the answer for one and all that I have is “Nahi bhai, koi nahi hai, koi is garib ko bhav hi nahi deti.. ;)”!!!

Writer: Rock

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  1. Dude whole world is depend upon love and love doesn’t have ant criteria …. Also is not only about some girl, it includes familly love, frnds love and important thing is love is only about our life…..
    So having gf or not its not a big deal.

  2. The whole para, is very crisp and consice..u have explained every thing very intelligently..need more attention about affection and love. I rate 7/10.:-D

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