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Doctor, I Love You

Doctor, I Love YouDoctor, I Love You Movie 2015

Producer : Narendra Singh, Shiraz Hussain
Star Cast: Shiraz Hussain, Nayani Dixit, Shalini Chandran, Shital Shah
Director : Mukul Abhyankar
Singers  : Sunidhi Chouhan, Subash Pradhan, Raja Hasan, Hamsika Iyer
Release Date : 3 Apr 2015

Doctor, I Love You is an upcoming Bollywood movie, whose music was launched recently on 30th January, 2015. It is Shoestring Production and Filmybox that has been releasing this movie. It is produced by Shiraz Hussain and Narendra Singh and the director is Mukul Abhayankar, who already has three movies waiting to be released. This movie stars Shalini Chandran, Naini Dixit, Shital Shah and others. The movie’s music was launched in Andheri West at Fun Republic Theatre.

According to Abhayankar, its director, the audience is to get an experience which they never had before. They are to see images, which they have not viewed and need to believe in those actors who perform the characters. Tunes are to be hummed of the songs that are offered. He is confident enough to state that the movie is sure to provide them value worth the money and it is sure to emerge to be the surprise package of 2015.

Narendra Singh stated that he was quite spellbound during the movie’s screening and simply could not refuse it. Before the starting of the movie, he did not assume that it would hold him. But once the movie was being viewed he could not realize that it held him together, since it had all the essential thrills and frills required in a movie. He was also equally confident that as he word spreads, it is likely to be a big hit among the audience, who are sure to flock the theatres in huge numbers.

The Doctor, I Love You music has been composed by Subhojeet Chatterjee, Subhash Pradhan and Rahul Mishra, while songs are sung by Hamsika Iyer, Sunidhi Chauhan, Subhash Pradhan and Raja Hasan. The co-producers of the movie are Rajan Ahuja and Sajid Darokha, while S. Ramachandran is its associate producer.

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