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Dozakh In Search of Heaven

Dozakh In Search of HeavenDozakh In Search of Heaven 2015

Director : Zaigham Imam
Producer : Zaigham Imam, Pawan Tiwari
Writter  : Zaigham Imam
Starring : Lalit Mohan Tiwari, Pawan Tiwari
Music    : Aman Pant
Release dates : 20 March 2015

Dozakh In Search Of Heaven is a forthcoming Bollywood movie that is set to be released on 20th March, 2015. Zaigham Imam has directed this movie, while it has been produced by Zaigham of AB Infosoft and well known actor Pawan Tiwari of JALSA Pictures. The script also is written by Zaigham himself. Music has been scored by Aman Pant. The movie stars Pawan Tiwari and Lalit Mohan Tiwari in lead roles.

Dozakh In Search Of Heaven when translated in English stands for ‘Hell in search for Heaven’. This movie was premiered on 12th November, 2013 at the popular Kolkata Intl. Film Festival. This film is regarded to be an adaption of the book having similar title.

In this movie, Lalit Mohan Tiwari plays the role of Maulvi Sahab, Panditji by Nazim Khan, Janu by Garrick Chaudhary, Auto driver by Pawan Tiwari and Amma by Ruby Saini. This movie has earned fame in a very short time and was screen at different film festivals all over the globe. Apart from Kolkata Intl. Film Festival the other places were the 2013 Bangalore Intl. Film Festival, the 2014 Habitat Film Festival, 12 3rd Eye Asian Film Festival, 2014 Queensland based Indian Intl. Film Festival, Third Ladakh Intl. Film Festival and Canada based Hidden Gems Film Festival.

However, the movie has its own share of controversies. It is said to have a small run at the censor board, having denied the certificate twice at the screenings.

Also, the movie enjoys critical reception from all quarters. In a recent review, a leading newspaper had stated that Dozakh tries to re-influence the kind of influence which cinema can take place on the society’s whole thought process. Another popular leading newspaper wrote that the potent religious tension theme is sure to leave the audience completely spell bound.

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