Dilshad added wings to Being Malayali to cater to effective online brand management

Dilshad is a 21-year-old successful digital marketer and capital investment. But his road to success was not an overnight affair. He started working at the age of 15 when teenagers of his age go easy in life and enjoy everything they have in their kitty offered by their parents. But for Dilshad, it was a different story. It was both necessity and passion that led him to embark upon a digital venture called Being Malayali. His father has reached to a crossroads where he had little money to support his family. This is when Dilshad embarked with his digital marketing company.

Interestingly, he got little financial support from his family for obvious reasons, but this does not put him down but boosted his passion to embark upon with his venture. He had his passion in marketing, which he leveraged to master digital marketing and soon developed a strong online community called Being Malayali, which also turned his company’s name which he formed and currently heads as it CEO. He soon started getting different local and other brands that required effective digital marketing solutions to improve their brands in the market and make their presence in the tough marketing conditions.

Dilshad who has the knack of turning things right using the power of social media helped many of the local brands in his area to prosper in the current market making him a successful digital marketer. He takes care of branding for different businesses under his company Being Malayali. As he turned successful in his venture, he also thought of trying his fate in capital investment with the idea of helping individuals and groups to prosper in their business who were looking for investment. Today Dilshad is a successful digital marketer, serial entrepreneur and capital investment.

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