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Film Roohani will promote Woman Empowerment says Director Deepak Saraswat

Film Roohani

The craze of horror films has started raising in the Bollywood. In the new century, many films have started becoming full of horror and adventure. Actors too started playing in different horror films and today’s generation also likes them a lot!

Shooting of the film ‘Roohani’ on horror theme is going to start soon. This film is being directed by Deepak Saraswat, a well-known advertising producer and director. Saraswat told that this film will not only entertain but will also spread a message to the society. The film will promote female empowerment along with spiritual fear and romance. Recently the film’s second song was recorded at Soundtrack Studios. Even before this, the title song of the film has been recorded in the voice of hit singer ‘Shahid Mallya’. The film will have about 12 actors in the main roles. Urmila Sharma, comedian Ehsan Qureshi, Rohit Pyare and Sunil Pal will perform in the film as well as the role of ghost can also be known face. The story and script of the film is completely ready. The film is also scheduled to be shot in Mumbai and surrounding areas. Deepak Saraswat is the director as well as co-producer and writer in this film.

The film is trying to go on shoot in October so can come in front of the audience by the end of the year.

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