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Dekh Tamasha Dekh Movie Review

Dekh Tamasha Dekh review

If you talk about Dekh Tamasha Dekh, it can be called as a smart political satire. It is a movie with rare wisdom, which is smart enough for the audience to understand the nuances of this all time topic, which the movie seems to be dealing with. You may be seen wriggling over your seats while you see the bitter truth is being catered in the cold plate.   If you talk about the movie, the director is Feroz Abbas Khan with the main cast as Satich Kaushik, Tanvi Azmi, Vinay Jain, Ganesh Yadave, etc. which together make a good blend to catch this weekend especially our great nation is witnessing election season this year.

Looking at the storyline, you can find a microcosm of India with ethnic, religious, ethnic class seen spilling the beans mysteriously over the streets. The movie can be called as an incredible satire and as you find the satires being more famous for the stings. You can find the director Feroz A Khan acting like a publisher of any local rag, who has certainly no other religion but to make money, an editor who simply learns that way the bread is seen getting buttered, while a writer who is seen burning the book, while talking about the people, they are seen splitting into upside down.

You can find dead man is seen in a drunken state, who simply do not have any account in his lifetime apart from catering his wife who later turns to be a wido (Tanvi Azmi), which comes with lots of grief and misery. With the death of his man, the movie seen to be triggering wherein you can find the Hindus claiming that the body belong to them and hence they own it, while Muslims too are seen coming out with the counter claim. However, the cop who happens to be a Jain simply try to intervene but his efforts only make things bad to worse. Here, you get to see everybody becoming the victim including a pair of endearing young lovers from two different sides are struggling hard from their own sides.

Though you may find the movie of Feroz Khan seen falling into the theatrical domain too often, however, there is no fact that this time it has gone too far becoming horrifying power. People find this movie a vital one, which has embarked right on time wherein it can recall of the sad misdeeds of Muzzafarnagar wherein we had seen certain modified religious people along with guided and misguided clerics found in the both the camps.

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