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2 states Movie Review

2 states movie review

In nutshell 2 states is all about boy and girl from diverse culture. A Tamilian girl and Punjabi boy who fall in love in their college but their different cultures simply make their meeting a challenge. If you are among the audience of early 80’s you remember similar storyline embarking in the form of Ek Dhuuje Ke Liye (1980s) wherein a south Indian guy loves a Punjabi girl, wherein he takes all the pain to cross the hurdles but end up meeting a very sad end.  2 States, however, is a happy movie carrying measured king of anguish. The theme of cross border or cross cultural romance is not new in Bollywood, however, 2 States is all about simple narrative presented in a humorous fashion. So, you get a light hearted movie, which is as depicted in Chetan Bhagat’s novel with the same. In fact, the director has replicated a couple funny kind of one liners, which is seen in the said novel.

Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor ) and Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt) see each other at IIM Ahmedabad, which spark out love for them. Their tender love, kissing chemistry and compulsive kind of copulation gives all the reason to the loving couple to stay together. But as you know in India, parents and tradition are simply seen evolved in different directions. The problems you face in inter caste marriages are very much visible in India. In a sense, the movie you see could simply resonate the very saga, which is being noticed in every second home of our Indian society. Thus what you get to see in the movie is nothing new but the same old stories, which are often seen in Bollywood movies with extra amount of anguish and misery.

However, with 2 States, the story seems to be in contrast wherein you can find lots of humor and fun, while you see both Alia and Arjun trying to adopt and practice the other culture just to impress their would be parent in law. You can discover loads of humor, while both in the diverse kind of cultures are seen trying out something different, which they never had ever did in their life.  Above all, both the parents (Amrita and Ronit, Revathi, while the other one – Revathi and Shiv Shbramaniam) were seen simply infusing life at the roles of both the cultures. If you are interested in watching the melodrama and a right kind of blend of dance and music, simply go and watch 2 States.

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