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Defamation Lawsuit Filed by Vyjayanthi as he finds Kalki Photo getting Leaked

Kalki 2898 AD aka Project K, one of the most awaited films in India, has been in the news recently after a new snap of Prabhas from a key scene in the film was leaked online. The snap gave a major clue about Prabhas’s role in the film, and it was shared widely on social media. The makers of the film have requested everyone not to share the snap.

Project K is a science fiction action drama directed by Nag Ashwin and starring Prabhas and Deepika Padukone. The film is being produced by Vyjayanthi Movies on a massive scale and has completed 80% of its shoot.

The leaked snap of Prabhas shows him in a superhero costume, which has led to speculation that he is playing a superhero role in the film. The makers of the film have not confirmed this yet, but the snap has certainly generated a lot of excitement among fans. The makers of Project K have requested everyone not to share the leaked snap on social media. They have said that sharing the snap could spoil the surprise for fans and could also damage the film’s prospects.

Fans of Prabhas and Project K are eagerly awaiting the release of the film. The film is expected to be a visual spectacle and is sure to be a major event at the box office.It’s unfortunate that the still from Project K was leaked online, but it’s good that the makers have found out who is responsible. It’s understandable that they fired the employee who leaked the snap, as it’s a serious breach of trust.

The leak of the still has generated a lot of excitement among fans, as it has given a glimpse of Prabhas’s role in the film. However, it’s important to remember that the film is still under production, and the makers are working hard to keep the surprises intact.

Ziya Khan


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