Darpan Patel, a.k.a Ace Patel a mastermind in the field of newfangled cameras and lights

Darpan Patel, a.k.a Ace Patel a mastermind in the field of newfangled cameras and lights

Darpan Patel, a.k.a. Ace Patel, a mastermind in the field of newfangled cameras and lights, is a stellar technician hailing from Mumbai, India. The inceptive spark for his journey in the field began 12 years ago when he stepped forward to don the cap of a photographer. Having no bias towards seasonal success, he went full throttle to become a valuable artiste in the field of commercial photography. After having added a stupendous amount of value to his commercial photography stamp, Ace moved to the United States in 2017 to pursue his Bachelor’s in Film. He realized the sanctity of opportunities that were being offered and in the quest of becoming competent, he started adding value to his individuality. This opened up the pathway and set him up with few of the most renowned and eminent industry professionals, to work with. He got to work with and under a multitude of acclaimed industry professionals on various shorts, features, and big budget TV shows.

Ace’s first feature as a Chief Lighting Technician, Rook, is all set to release on the 11th of August in North America, which is being distributed by one of the world’s largest indie film distributors.
They are currently seeking international distributors and are in talks for the same.
His first short film, Last Words, as a Director has already received praise from industry critics and reviewers from different parts of the wold.
“An entertaining eight minutes that looks great and is an extremely successful and a confident piece of work by an obviously naturally talented director, Ace Patel.” – Carl Burgess

“Last Words exhibits unmissable potential of director Ace Patel to engage with complex stories.” – Shorted.

“Last Words is an excellent short film crafted by a naturally talented director Ace Patel which cuts straight to the heart of what people like about detective procedural genre films.” – Jack Bottomley

“Last Words has a surprisingly large amount of awesome packed in its short length with an excellent performance and breakneck edit.” – Will Conrad.

He has a stack of projects lined up as a key member, amongst which “Mammon”, his forthcoming feature film has been green-lit by the Hollywood producers and is all set to go on floors. Another project “Fakers”, an episodic series, is currently on the table with the industry producers and is on the verge of becoming hot very soon.

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