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Clean Eating: 7 Step Guide To Tread on a Healthy Path

Walking on the mission to weight loss to get a healthy and fit body is not often a simple task, especially when we consume rampant of junk food. With a number of processed and packaged foods, which surround us, managing a regime and sticking to the laborious jobs can simply squeeze the joy of eating process. Hence carrying out certain baby steps for healthy or clean eating can be a great rescue, let’s check how?

Understanding Clean Eating

Before we head straight to the 7 steps of clean eating, let’s understand the idea of the same. Clean eating is a realistic and long term approach, which can take you back to basic eating and thus change your eating habits by just one meal at one time. It is not an approach wherein you are supposed to sweat blood on every single calorie you shed after eating. This is the approach, which fortifies your eating habits, which simply targets at eating healthier, wholesome food groups and reducing the intake of the not very healthy food groups. Clean eating can be called as an experiential personal journey, let’s check the 7 steps guide for walking on healthy and safe eating experience as under:

1). Consider the Whole Foods

This step is straight and simple, which demands to choose whole grains, dairy, lentils and vegetable over the refined cereals, artificially sweetened juices, ready to eat meals, snack bars etc. Always consume fresh and whole foods, which are locally found for better results.

2). Go for Fresh Produce

The fresh produce simply carries a power packed source of heart healthy fiber, minerals and vitamins along with antioxidants, which render a number of benefits. You can consider a number of servings of vegetables and fruits, which will certainly not going to do any kind of damage over your waistline.

3). Processed Food – A Big No-No

The processed, packaged foods are full with preservatives, sodium, artificial stabilizers, chemicals and refined ingredients. These ingredients will do much of harm than any benefit to your body as they have lesser amount of nutrients. Rather consider wholesome home versions of a number of packaged products, which carries all the good nutrients that your body would demand. If you are too busy, better consider the products with least amount of harm to your body.

4). Slash down the Fats, sugar and salt

In order to clean up your diet, you are supposed to consume refined sugars, salt and fats. You are not supposed to consume more than 6 teaspoons of refined sugar on a daily basis and monitor the invisible sugar you consume from a number of sweetened products, packaged foods and bakery. You are supposed to swap all the bad saturated fats for the good unsaturated fats along with keeping a check over the usage.

5). Keep your ear to your body

When it comes to sticking to healthy or clean food, you are supposed to listen to your instincts and feed your body along with the right kind of nutrients. Having right nutrients will help you in strengthening your healthy mind and body relationship.

6). Check the Food Labels

In our day to day busy and hectic life, it is really implausible to say no to packaged products. The supermarket is simply filled with huge amount of products, which you are supposed to find out using your wit to find out the healthiest ones. Avoid going for a ride from marketing gimmicks, always read the food labels and check the list of ingredients carefully before you make your choice. Consider the products, which have fewer amounts of refined ingredients, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

7). Get into the practice of Mindful Eating

Mindful eating can simply help you to connect deeply to everything, which you eat. It simply helps you to understand the difference between when you are really hungry and when you want something out of your craving. This will prevent you from feeding your sentiments and emotions to motivate the idea of healthy eating while you put your mind what you are consuming and the response of the body while you consume any specific food.

Wrapping up

Clean eating has loads of health benefits, whether you talk about losing your weight or keen to adapt healthy lifestyle, the idea of clean eating can really make a great difference. This can really help in improving upon your energy levels along with preventing your body from loads of medical ailments and disorders. This in turn can improve your mental health and the overall well being of the body.


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