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5 Foods that Kill Your Sex Drive

Foods can make or mar your sex drive. However, most of time, we hear people saying not tonight to any food, but they end up eating the same. These days you can find more and more men are suffering from the decreased sex drive and some of the important culprits are the simple as they are seen putting into their mouths. There are certain foods, which can have negative impact over your libido especially when you are seen aging, hence it is vital to find out the ingestible perpetrators and slash them down from your diet list. The issues like testosterone levels, which are seen hampering the sexual desire, hence anything that is seen depleting these hormones among the men at the end of the day can zap their desire for sex. Hence if you want to get a perfect sex drive, you are supposed to avoid the following 5 foods, let’s check them out:

1). Soy

You are not supposed to worry about developing man boobs if you find small quantity of soy in your diet. However, as per the study of European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, an excess amounts of legume derived products like tofu, soy milk or sauce can drastically slash down the testosterone levels in your blood and thus reduce your love drive. As per researchers, men who consume 120 mg of soy on a daily basis are seen with testosterone deficiency. Also, if you check the studies of Journal Human Reproduction, it indicates that the it can even reduce the sperm count among men consuming soy products.

2). Alcohol

If you consume Alcohol within limits, it will certainly not going to hamper your desire of sex, however, if you are consuming good amount of alcohol can hamper your sex life for sure. Consumption of alcohol can create a couple of sexual issues like erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation and getting orgasm. Too much of alcohol can make you sleepy and less interested about the sexual activities. Hence the general guidelines simply demands people to consume the alcohol within limits. Remember too much of alcohol can ruin your sex drive.

3). Graham Crackers

Though the advent of Graham Biskets by Dr. Graham in 1829 was there to reduce the carnal desires especially issues like masturbation among people, yet it was never proven that this could be controlled by the same. Thus any kind of refined carbohydrates including the ones loaded with graham crackers can ruin things for your sex drive. Excess amount of refined carbohydrates (bleached white flour) can simply zap the testosterone levels inside your body. The sugars from the refined carbohydrates will not only make a man gain weight but at the same time can raise the leval of estrogen and thus deplete the testosterone levels.

4). Red Meat

All your foods, which carry added amount of hormones or antibiotics like red meats can be called as a big sex offenders by unbalancing the natural hormones of man provided you consume in an excess amount. There are certain foods, which can even affect the secretions including sweat, semen, breath and urine. Some of the smelly culprits like asparagus, certain spice, garlic and dairy products can simply lead to some not very pleasant tastes and scents. Now talking about the red meat, it has a great amount of zinc and protein, which really helps in building up your muscles and turning fat. Thus if you exceed the limit of consuming the same, you end up ruining the sex drive. Hence better choose for leaner cuts with loin or round in the name of classic filet mignon.

5). Too Much of Food

Consuming any food in an excess amount can lead to weight gain, which is one of the vital enemies of having a smooth sex drive. As per experts of Metabolic Treatment Center having too much of food can be a big hurdle towards having a cool and healthy sex life. With diet, you accelerate the aging process, anyone falling under the age group of 35 to 60 can boost up the aging process and similar is the story of people having high stress life, which is backed by poor diet and no exercise lifestyle. The idea of midsection can only hamper the sex drive.

Wrapping up

A good diet is directly proportional to good sex life. However, people are often keen to find some magic wand to enjoy a perfect and incredible sex life, but that doesn’t come overnight. For this you are supposed to stick to an idea of clean eating and avoiding the food as discussed above. Going safe can lead to a healthy and safe sex drive.

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