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Chk Out Exclusive Journey of JEET GANGULY in Conversation with Priyanka Raina | RUSTOM

Jeet Ganguly in Conversation with Priyanka Raina

First of all , when asked How Music Journery began in your Career. How did it felt that BOLLYWOOD is your destination. On this Jeet Ganguly Reppied, “I am basically from Music background. My dad is a Gutarist and Mom is a Singer so when my Mom actually told my father that Jeet is singing in his mood. dad didnt believe.”

Then on my Birthday 21st may , Dad gifted TapRecorder to Mom and said that when ever JEET sings , just records its. And there we went. I just composed a song for durga Puja and Mom recorded it…. Which I made an Album with Final Mixing in 2009.
Here JEET Ganguly ‘s Bengali Song which \sang in Childhood Here
Also further JEET Ganguly reveals his Versatile Experience on RAAZ ROBOT and RUSTOM , Sharing Versatile experience working with Akshay Kumar, Viokram Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt and Neeraj pandey which is favpurite Diretor
Hear the Entire Conversation Here
Last But not Least , Chk out the Unreleased Film of Jeet Ganguly which was getting released in April 2016 , Then postponed to May and Now No Idea…
Jeet Ganguly also shares his Versatile Experience working with SONU NIGAM and termed  him as VISHNU ji of Bollywood. Further adds , “Sonu ji is my friend since 1998 and he is great person too”
Listen to Entire Conversation Live Here
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