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Children witnessing violence at home more likely get migraine

If you as a parents are indulged in fights and domestic violence too often then beware you can give your child the disease called migraine. As per a recently study carried out by Esme Fuller Thomson, (Professor at University of Toronto) and his team in Canada claimed that the kids witnessing too much of physical and sexual abuse can get be at higher risk of getting migraine and headaches as they enter the adulthood. This can be the case of all the kids irrespective of the culture, region, race and socioeconomic conditions can face this issue.

As per reports, men and women who had experienced such events during their childhood were seen pitted with the problem with around 52 and 64% respectively. The study is based on the sample of around 12,638 women and 10,358 men who were above 18 years as per the Canadian Community Health Survey-Mental Health of 2012. People who were seen reported with this issue were found out facing issues like parental domestic violence, childhood physical and sexual abuse, which in turn has given the menace called Migraine.

Sarah Brennenstuhl from University of Toronto in Canada along with Professor Thompson were the two who together conducted the said study. The two said that the study has also found out a number of other types of violence seen among the individuals which they have experienced in the childhood that has given them the problem of migraine.

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