Friday, January 28, 2022
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Uvaa 1st Day Box Office Report

uvaa-1st day box office report

This Friday the audience has not much option to catch up especially when we talk about the big budget and star stud affair films. The reasons are obvious as both the films released this Friday falls under low budget category. This include the film of youngsters called Uvaa. The film failed to get positive review by most of the critics and even the number of screens, which has kept the film struggling to do better over the box office. There was hardly any buzz was felt about the film due to minimal amount of promotion in the media. All these factors went against the film giving a low collection at the end of the day.

The other low budget film Miss Tanakpuri Haazir Ho seemed doing slightly better business. Thanks to certain amount of buzz the film was able to garner due to the controversial subject. As per reports, the first day box office collection for Uvaa tolled to around 50 lakhs. The youth comedy drama was able to get a meagre attention all due thank to movies like ABCD 2, which is still rocking over the box office. The experts are not expecting any better figure for the film considering the poor performances and direction of the film.

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