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Catch ALL IS WELL Movie Poster ! All the Stars under the Looming Poster

ALL IS WELL poster

Here they come! Though the impression and the feel for the recently revealed poster of Abhishek Bachchan might have been taken it’s hidden place somewhere in your thoughts but, if you really feel so then forget it guys! The entire team of ‘All Is Well’ won’t let you down and guess what the makers have come up with the smashing poster of the movie again. Here you can see each one of the leading character of the movie has its own expression in the poster, which can easily make anyone think twice. Let’s have a quick look on each one of the character in the poster one by one.

Starting with the dashing star Abhishek, if we try to compare the looming poster with the last released poster then here you’ll hardly find any kind of difference, moving on to the alluring cum cute star in the movie Asin, then here her expression seems like she’s surely play a character of a crazy girl, and if we move on to the olden gold Rishi Kapoor, then he will be leading the role of Abhishek’s father, however if we move on with the poster then it seems like he’ll is playing with hurdles of problems and hence the quote ‘It’s all about My Problemsin the poster.

And last but not the least Supriya Pathak, who will be leading the role of Rishi’s wife seems to have a short term memory loss in the movie as per the poster quote ‘I don’t remember what it’s all about!. With this we can actually conclude that even if the fans might not have understood the message of the poster but still it feels like the movie will be quite entertaining with four characters having different specialty of craziness amongst them. Hope the movie will be a remarkable one.

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