Sunny Chopra a model turned actor winning hearts with his humorous and music Videos

Sunny Chopra may be from a simple and small town in Haryana but he is a mighty man on social media. All thanks to the overwhelming response in the social media for his hilarious and music videos. His talent to produce videos with perfect lip-synching has made him score points on others. He has collaborated with few actors at times and more often came solo to embark upon his comical and hilarious Tik Tok videos. He has now become the king of comedy with Tik Tok videos. His journey from a simple boy to a successful social media master on Instagram has set examples for many small-town actors.

His journey on social media started in 2014 with Instagram. In no time he realized the power of social media and with his cool photos of handsome looks and aura made him land in the field of modeling for his sustenance in the glamour city of Mumbai. But his stardom only came when he started coming out with his hilarious and music videos that were made with his hilarious videos. His charm rested in his dialogues and action he did in the videos. His perfect coming time and humor made all the difference in his life.

The 25 years old young man has so many videos on Instagram and he has impressed the audience in a big way getting more than 164 million views for the videos. On his Instagram page, he has more than half a million(663k) followers and fans that are crazy about his videos he keeps on adding on his Instagram page. He aspires to do big in Bollywood as well. The handsome hunk with so many talents in his personality has made all the difference in his life. He is just waiting for the right opportunity to come before him and then he knocks the door to come out with the best for his life in the B Town. This is just the start for Sunny, as the handsome hunk has to go a long way. He has worked with top big time B Town stars like Parineeti Chopra & her cousin Priyanka, Sunny Leone and others.

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