Candidly with DJ/Producer Drip on music and life

DJ/Producer Drip
DJ/Producer Drip

Sana: Hi Prateek, thanks for joining us on Cine Talkers! Prateek or Drip what are you more comfortable answering as?
Drip : (Laughs!) Definitely Prateek but you can call me anything am used to both.

Sana: Prateek, everyone has something or someone who inspires us, in your case who, when, and what inspired you to be a music Producer/DJ ?
Drip: Well at home it all started with my father, he’s a guy with many talents and hobbies, one of which is reciting songs. This got me hooked to music and later on I figured out other producers whose songs I admired and then once I saw ‘ Jalebi Cartel ‘ and was intrigued about the electronic music scene. So step by step I only got closer to music and then here I am.

Sana: You have played a big number of festivals and shows around India, which one has been your favorite music festival that you’ve played or regularly play?
Drip: I really love playing Kasol Music Festival.

Sana: Great, also you do a lot of college shows as well. Tell me Prateek one memorable show you’ve had in a college or a university?
Drip: I always love college shows, the energy they pack is at some other level and also I never went to a college so am always excited to be at one. It’s hard to choose really. Yeah! One in Birla Institute, Noida was really amazing. I was the artist with Shilpi Sharma and more and I really had a great time as one of my friends was also in the college. Other than that every show leaves a great impression on any artist.

Sana: Prateek you’ve also been in the merchant navy, tell us some moments you cherish of your time during your sea service or training days at your academy.
Drip: Oh, all of it has been some journey with great people and so much of nature that so few have actually seen. All of it is the best and I’ll really fall short of words to describe it fairly. One thing during my training at Tolani I remember was that I was in ‘ Morarjee ’ house, so when we became the basketball and cross country champions the celebration we had was really awesome and I shall cherish that time always. Then sailing on ‘ MSC AGRIGENTO ‘ with Capt. S. S. Bisht and C/O Rakesh Jadhav were amazing times as well.

Sana: We all are at home apart from the essential services most of the people are trying to work from home, you usually travel for your shows and events. How are you doing during COVID-19 as all mass gatherings and nightlife business is at halt?
Drip: Yes indeed these are tough times especially for people who don’t have the luxury to be home or who can’t afford to be home and still provide for their families. We all who are capable must help those who need our help and I hope we all get through this quickly. Well, at home one thing am happy about is production has picked up quite some speed as I don’t have to travel for shows regularly so it’s just producing, mainly trying to finish the album before starting touring again and then my other homely routines like playing with my dogs, reading, spending time with my family.

Sana: What do you think can help an artist get more shows and exposure apart working on their art and putting it for the world on any platform ?
Drip: I think traveling really helps though you should know what you’re traveling for. Meeting new people gives ample opportunities and in the midst of this entire, one should always be connected with his or her art in a special way that’s unique and inexplicable to the artist as well.

Sana: What do you think is the future of Drip or other new music producers in India ?
Drip: I really believe it’s a great one as music itself is evolving all the time and there has always been great talent in India and through the internet everyone gets a global platform. So, yeah am really happy and optimistic about the future of producers and also any artist for that matter in India.

Sana: In your personal opinion do you think Indian Music is underrated in the world?
Drip: I think and just from my experience of traveling outside India that actually Indian music is hugely known outside as well not just bollywood though it’s a big chunk but people are interested in learning Indian classical instruments and fuse them in their music in their own ways. So not really underrated but not also at full potential I’d say.

Sana: Today’s online world , what platform does it provide an artist to thrive for a potential audience?
Drip: Well a huge one! From Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to you name it. There are platforms that serve you individually so it definitely provides a huge platform though converting an audience is also important because talent only takes you so far, it’s the hard work that pushes your limits so any artist must work hard and smart and in a way always motivated to get better. And we all have seen artists that are born out of this internet age and continue to impress and inspire a lot of new talent around.

Sana: Top 5 music or other festivals everyone should plan to attend in India.
Drip: Sunburn of course, Vh1 supersonic definitely, Grubfest, Zomaland and Kasol Music Festival definitely.

Sana: Top 5 artists you listen to most often or admire a lot.
Drip: Well, the ones who I admire and get inspired from are A.R. .Rahman, Nucleya, KSHMR, Arjun Vagale and Nina Kraviz and really there are more but to name top five out of my head yeah.

Sana: Prateek did you ever have a band during school times?
Drip: Ah…no but I did a few performances with some other kids of my school.

Sana: Who do you look up to like role models?
Drip: My Dad and my brother play a major role and my mother is the one who has the solution to every problem so my role model in my life is pretty much everyone except me. (Laughs!)

Sana: What’s the message you want to give to the producers and artists out there?

Drip: Well apart from just keep working on your music , don’t worry too much but also be careful and mindful and when you start thinking that you’ve made it ,start again. Your personal evolution through your art is more important than any success you shall achieve.

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