Entrepreneur Kanthi Dutt And singer Vidya Vox exchange tweets feeling nostalgic about concerts

Kanthi Dutt And Singer Vidya Vox

The world is experiencing a drastic change in the economy and major industries have come to a standstill. Amongst all, the entertainment and hospitality industry are the most affected ones owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry experts are not sure about when they can see revenue uplift amidst the pandemic.

While Kanthi Dutt tweets “Thank you Vidya Vox for making this happen” to the last concert his firm Spartans Media hosted with her; Vidya promptly responds saying, “It was so much fun, can’t believe how much times have changed since then. Thanks to you and Spartans Media for hosting us ????” as both feel nostalgic to their old times while touring India in November 2019.

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In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Kanthi said, “The entertainment industry has become vulnerable due to the pandemic as both the production and the consumption of its output needs numerous people to gather at one place. This situation has increased the adoption of online streaming platforms, further influencing people to continue experiencing entertainment in their comfort zone. It is very disheartening for a 3 trillion dollar industry to sustain with no revenue. As of now, we don’t see any hope for the industry to bloom anytime before 2021”.

Kanthi Dutt is a 20 years old Hyderabad based entrepreneur and a proud owner and CEO of Spartans Media, a brand management MNC with an active, effective and impactful presence in the media sector. Kanthi added, “Being one of the major industries contributing to Indian economy, the pandemic will have a drastic impact on the longer run”.

Kanthi is best known as a business strategy consultant who strongly believes that an innovative idea can make the whole world run. This young entrepreneur has achieved a lot at such an early age by overcoming a lot of difficulties and is presently one of the successful young achievers of India. “The pandemic has shattered dreams and has disturbed all short term goals of entrepreneurs”, he concluded.

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