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Box office collection Machli Jal Ki Raani Hai

Machli Jal Ki Raani Hai box office

The other releases this Friday included Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai box office. The movie has a week script with no star value involved. Also, the promotion seemed very much weak, which gave no reasons to be at the top in terms of collection and performance over the box office. The title of the movie has nothing to do with the story it deals. It is basically a horror movie starring Swara Bhaskar and directed by Debaloy Dey. The movie deals with a story wherein a young couple meets an accident leading to dead of person suddenly coming on their way, while they were returning late night from the party. You can find actors like Reema Debnath, Murli Sharma, Bhanu Uday and Swara Bhaskar are seen coming together but failed to create the impact over the audience.

With other releases like Fugly and Chal Bhaag, the audience were seen divided into these two options, while rest were seen heading to Holiday watching the action of Akshay Kumar. Hence the first day figure, which rolled out over the box office reports were seen reaching to 30 lakhs, which is really not a big amount. Though the experts and film reviewers are expecting to see a surge this coming weekend as more crowd would flock to the theatres to catch Machli Jal Ki Raani Hai, after all everyone going to the theatres are well versed with this phrase, which they have learnt long back in their early school days. So, what’s cooking inside the movie with this title can go a bit interesting and curious stuff leading crowd to the theatres to some extent.

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