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First day box office collection of bollywood movie unforgettable

 unforgettable 2014

Another movie hitting the theaters this week is Unforgettable, which was produced in United Arab Emirates. Arshad Y Khan is the man behind its direction, which deals with true love and relationships. The leading actors in the film include Iqbal Khan, Alka Verma, Shabaz Khan, Kiran Kumar and Hazel Crowney (British actress). The movie is based on love triangle and the struggle of the lead character of Iqbal Khan. However, as far as the reviews of the movie are concerned, it doesn’t give a good picture. In fact most of the reviewers have simply snubbed covering the movie as they do not call it a worthy film to discuss. Secondly, the promotion and launch of the movie seemed lagging behind in catching the attention of media, thanks to the poor show carried out by the film creators.

However, the performance of Iqbal Khan garnered applauds to certain extent, yet on other levels it fails to catch enough space for the movie. As per figures, which are not officially in public, the movie was a complete washout with not getting more than 20 lakhs in the first day collection. With such performance over the box office, the movie may fail even to get a better deal on its ROI. Thanks to the high budget which went while shooting at overseas location at UAE, even though it was completed in the time limit of 49 days, the creators of Unforgettable may fail get the making cost even.

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