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Chal Bhaag first day box office collection

Chal Bhaag movie

The other movie hitting this Friday is Chal Bhaag. It talks about a serious issue of fake encounters carried out by the police in a most humorous manner, which makes it a film of unique blend. The plot of the movie didn’t attract much audience since it wasn’t dealt the way serious issues like fake encounters are dealt by the entertainment industry. Secondly there was some lacuna in terms of movie promotion, which wasn’t that big and effective catching the eyes of people who make mind to check movies the coming weekend. Thirdly as far as the ratings of the movie are concerned, they aren’t that great, which is competent enough to catch the attention either.

Though the official figure of first day collection is yet to be announced, but considering the rate of occupancy for the movie, the collection is likely to remain in between 50 to 90 lakhs or max it will touch would be 1 Crore and certainly not more than that. As compared to Fugly, the start of Chal Bhaag was really bad and it will remain as a threat along with Holiday in the adjoining weekend as well. Yet some reviewers feel that the movie can pickup in the following weekend perhaps then bringing out the investment the producers have put into this.

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