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Bigg Boss Weekend ka vaar highlights

The Bigg Boss 12 has been known for throwing one twist or the other with every passing week in front of the contestant. The reality show like the previous weekend had similar things to go with yet another elimination happening over the show. This time we see the TV actor, Karan Patel was seen conducting a task wherein housemates and donated one quality about them to the other inmate. Nehha Pendse donated the mental strength to Sreesanth, however, the latter was seen once again getting offended and hence refused to accept it. He even was seen walking on and off from the conversation. Menawhile, we see the rivals Dipika Kakar and Jasleen Matharu having a face-off in the Sulatani-Akhada. Now, time to check the Bigg Boss Weekend ka vaar highlites.

The episode starts at 09:02 PM (IST), as Salman Khan is seen with his brother in law (Arpita Khan’s husband) Ayush Sharma in the gym area. The duo is seen with the workout session together and seemed sarcastic as Sallu made fun of Sreesanth.

Salman Khan then calls this weekend ka vaar as ruthless since would see another elimination after the two girls Kriti and Roshmi were seen quitting the show.

Deepak Thakur croons the song, which hs has composed for Bigg Boss . Salman was seen praising Deepak Thakur for his song and was seen saying it to be the best BB song.

Salman then introduces a new task that was brought out by the opinions of housemates about each other. Two teams were seen smashing the cupcake with a catapult on their face.

Dipika guesses rightabout jaslessn calling her to be a nosy mother-in-law.

Srishty Rode is the next to go as the actress fails to guess the next person.

Sreesanth also gets wrong in guessing the cupcake over the face of Romil

Karan Patel enters the house and donated their qualities

Deepak gives the quality of daring to Anup JalotaKaran Patel tells Srishty she is not seen

Sreesanth and Romil get into a heated argument as the former loses his temper

Nehha Pendse donates mental Strength to Sreesanth

Sreesanth opts out of the task and was seen calling Deepak the most honest person

Nehha says she is not sorry

Nehha, Dipika and Karanvir then were seen having a conversation

Deepak talks ill about Dipika with Jasleen and others

Warina and Ayush Sharma join Salman on stage

Dipika and Jasleen in a face-off

Salman gives medal to Dipika

Salman Khan announces about another elimination

The next Jodi to say good-bye to the show is Nirmal and Romil.

Salman Khan says Nirmal and Romil are evicted and then explains the twist

Srishty, Sreesanth and Deepak have a conversation about Dipika

Srishty and Karanvir Bohra gossip about Nehha and Dipika

Wrapping Up
This is the story of the Bigg Boss 12 this weekend. Enjoy.


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